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Welcome Back Monday!

A different event featured each Monday of the month.

Alternatives to Suicide

Every 1st Monday

Alt2Su groups are for those who have attempted suicide, or struggled with suicidal thoughts.


We strive to create a confidential, nurturing safe place for people 18+ to talk about thoughts of not wanting to live without fear of judgment or intervention. Living with overwhelming emotions is hard enough as it is! Alt2Su groups provide a supportive and inclusive space where you can share your experiences, express your feelings, and learn from one another.

This is a non-clinical space!

There are no prerequisites to participate, such as current mental health services. There is no assumption that suicidal thoughts are connected to mental illness. You do not need a refferal and you do not need to be experiencing a current crisis to attend.


We are non-clinical peers with similar experiences who

approach these conversations with vulnerability, validation,

compassionate inquiry, and a collaborative spirit. Please join us!

Group Hug
Colorful Bowling Balls

Community Outing

Every 2nd Monday

One of our popular destinations is Tigard Bowl, where people can put on their bowling shoes and knock down some pins, have friendly competition, and build good memories. There is lively music playing, and it's an awesome opportunity to unwind, bond, and cheer each other on.

We also visit the arcade and indulge in various games and activities, allowing us to take a break from our daily routine and enjoy ourselves.

For those who fancy a different type of mini-golf, the blacklight mini-golf experience is an ideal option where people can play in a surreal, glowing atmosphere!

Our Community Outing is designed to encourage socialization, reduce stress, and create new connections while exploring the city and its different activities. It is a great platform where people can relax, bond, and make memories in a fun and safe environment.

Immigration Connection

Every 3rd Monday

Nuestro anfitrión es bilingüe en inglés y español, asegurando que todos se sientan bienvenidos e incluidos. Entendemos que el camino hacia la ciudadanía puede ser difícil y abrumador, especialmente para las personas indocumentadas que pueden estar viviendo con miedo a la deportación.

Nuestro objetivo es aliviar parte de ese miedo al proporcionar una comunidad de apoyo de personas con ideas afines que trabajan juntas hacia el mismo objetivo, y las ayudamos a sentirse empoderadas para dar los pasos necesarios hacia la ciudadanía.


We understand that the journey to citizenship can be difficult and overwhelming, especially for undocumented people who may be living in fear of deportation. We aim to alleviate some of that fear by providing a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are all working towards the same goal, and support to feel empowered to take the necessary steps towards citizenship.

Leaf Pattern Design
Popcorn Fall

Movie Matinee

Every 4th Monday

Whether we're watching a new release or an old classic, it's always a good time.


We provide popcorn, soda, and a candy option for everyone to enjoy. It's always nice to have some snacks while we watch a movie, and it makes the experience feel more like we're at a real movie theater.


What great way to encourage people to come out and socialize with others in the community! We look forward to hosting this event every month and can't wait to see what movies we'll be watching next.

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