Welcome to Comfort Zone!
We are here for anyone
looking for a safe space
in a chaotic world

What is Comfort Zone?

Comfort Zone is a peer run drop-in center that is part of New Narrative. We aim to provide peer support to our members in a number of ways. Primarily, Comfort Zone allows a space for people to receive peer support to work towards and obtain goals that they set for themselves. Peer support can be provided in many ways including peer counseling, service referral, support groups, activities, and by providing a place to socialize with other peers in the community.

First and foremost, Comfort Zone is a safe space.  We are a place anyone can go to feel welcome, accepted, and free to relax regardless of who they are, what they believe, where they came from, or what they've experienced in their life.

Comfort Zone is staffed by a group of highly compassionate Peer Wellness Specialists who have experienced some measure of struggle with mental health, trauma, involvement in the judicial system, addiction, minority status, or houselessness in their lives, and can relate on a deeply personal level. This is a place of understanding and equity as opposed to clinical authority.​

We offer different types of interaction: activities, games, nourishment, movies, private spaces, meaningful conversation and emotional support from people who have lived experience with what people might be struggling with. Comfort Zone is a much needed place for many people who feel like they don't belong in this world.